TDK T61994 MP100 Lightweight DJ Style On-Ear Headphones – : MP100 Stereo Headphones – Red

I use these everyday for watching dvds on my potable player and i use them with my laptop and with my ipod classic. They have a deep acoustic sound perfect for everyday use like myself. They fit rather comfortably and soon feel like their not even there. They are better then some more expensive ones ive had.

These headphones give a decent performance, and have the added advantage of a single-sided cord to improve ease of movement. The headband does not adjust in any way though, leading (in my case) to a slight feeling of tightness. Unhappily, too, the item had been opened (box cut all round) and had noticeably been at least tried out, if not actually used, all of which is disappointing for an item clearly sold as new. I have not returned or sought a replacement as for a £10 pair of headphones they work well enough for my needs, and i don’t have time for the hassle.

TDK T61994 MP100 Lightweight DJ Style On-Ear Headphones – White

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  • Rich acoustic sound reproduction
  • Adjustable headband for maximum comfort
  • Ultra-comfortable earcups

It give all as you can want paying that money. I didn’t be sure when i bought it but i’m quite happy now.

Arrived on time and grandson loved them.

I needed new headphones and these are great. They are very comfortable with their soft cushions, and i can wear them for hours without any discomfort. Although rather bulky, they are really lightweight, so i forget i have them on. The sound quality is fantastic and the large cushions block out all other sounds, so i am very happy. Also, i got the white headphones and they are very pretty and unusual. The only problem is that the 1. 28 m cord is a little short.

TDK T61994 MP100 Lightweight DJ Style On-Ear Headphones – White : The sound quality on these headphones are not the greatest, but they are fairly good for the price that they are. They are very comfortable to and on the ear when listening for a very long time. The headphone jack and cable is long enough to have your phone and or laptop or any other device else where and not worry about the cable. Only improvement i would give is to make the sound quality better as i listen to a lot of music.

Bought for my daughter so i did not have to hear her music any more. Habut in saying that i have had a listen through them and the sound quality is fantastic.

Very good sounding tdk mp100 headphones lovely bass response and comfortable. 28m i did not get the gold plated 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch adapter as per description.

Very good and sound quality is very good.

Fantastic quality really crisp sound from them highly recommend these to anyone i prefer these to my beats any day.

For the price on amazon you pretty much can’t go wrong, they sound great, the ear cups are comfortable and the actual pair of headphones are reasonably durable. I have had mine for a long while and the have held up great, i have had to tape up the cable once or twice but the slits may have been my fault not the headphone’s. Sadly i can’t wear them for more than about 4 to 5 hours before they stat to become uncomfortable, the head band has no cushioning and the clamping force is slightly too high, although this can be fixed with a five minute break from the action. I also want to point out how to adjust their size, i have seen some people complain that they can’t, the plastic headband can be pulled from the earpiece to make it longer or smaller, however some effort is required but not too much or it will break. Overall i would give them a 6/10 but because they are only £10 and i can’t find a better value one, i will give them a 9/10.

Bought for the gym and i am happy for the price i paid. They work well with my iphone 6 whine on the treadmill.

I own the old version of the tdk mp100 headphones and they sound awesome so thought i would buy these for my son. When the volume was turned up the left speaker rattled. They were returned and replaced. Replacement headphones also rattling in left speaker returned again this time for refund. Purchased from base arrived in a week. I purchased the same headphones a week later in black from amazon and they sound and worked perfect.

Good budget headphone though for me the head band is slightly tight as i have a large head. Can’t comment on the sound quality as my hearing is defective but the quality of construction seems fine.

The cable is too short also they are slightly too tight and become uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Produces good quality sound.

This review is from : TDK T61994 MP100 Lightweight DJ Style On-Ear Headphones – White

Very good headphones that wont fall over on your head becose they are very light. It has good quality but can not handlee deep bass very good.

This review is from : TDK T61994 MP100 Lightweight DJ Style On-Ear Headphones – White

Very good headphones that wont fall over on your head becose they are very light. It has good quality but can not handlee deep bass very good.
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