SOL Republic Special Edition Michael Phelps Anthem Headphone HD Tracks : Superb sound, robust and eye catching.

I have had these for a month now and can say that the sound is amazing. I had a pair of beats studios and moved onto these. Although the sound is better on the studios it is not by far, the quality and build of these headphones are really good. I have not had a problem with them so far. The only fault that i can find with them is with the comfort. I do have a big head so people with small heads won’t suffer. Although it fits i find that it puts a lot of pressure on my ears and also with wearing glasses it can hurt quite a it after 15-20 mins.

Superb sound, robust and eye catching. Good value for money compared to similarly priced competitors.

SOL Republic Special Edition Michael Phelps Anthem Headphone HD Tracks

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  • SOL Republic V10 Sound Engines delivering deeper bass, higher clarity and crisp vocals
  • Listen In Comfort: Our SonicSoft Speaker Pads and extra wide ear cushions let you enjoy your music in comfort for hours
  • Virtually Indestructible: Constructed of a seriously advanced polymer compound, our FlexTech Sound Track headband is built to withstand heavy abuse. Twist it, bend it, drop it – it’s not going to break on you
  • Three-Button Mic + Music Control: Lets you adjust the volume, pause/resume/skip music and answer/hang-up calls. The high clarity mic captures every word possible
  • Slim-Fit Neo Case: Neoprene sleeve lets you transport your headphones with ease

Just like many on here i was impressed with these headphones , i’ve used them twice since purchased. There quality is over whelming powerful and dynamic. Worth every penny fast delivery and grate value , great choice.

Absolutely brilliant pair of hradphones would reccomend these over beats anyday becoz i had sum an bought these as temporary but theyre permanent now. Everything is better from bass to the clarity of the music however the treble is slightly lower. They are comfy to wear for long periods of time and have a good grip so they dont fall off your head when you bend over to tie a shoe lace or something were as the beats would kinda slide off my ears but defo reccomend these and theyre even cheaper than beats.

I bought these because my last set of headphones got broken when someone moved my bag at work. And i have to say they are brilliant, theyre comfy and bendy, certainly wont break. The sound quality is awesome and i really reccomend these (: easy storage too.

It has to be an a* for these headphones. Their so good i’ve brought a second pair. Forget what you’ve been told or thought you knew. Try them out yourself and you will be amazed by the sounds you hear, so clear and crisp.

Fantastic headphones at a competitive price.

They feel very comfortable and they block out any other noise. I would definitely recommend them as they are a great purchase.

For those who don’t want to be bogged down with talk of bass,treble etc. These are unbelievable canseasily interchangeable as all parts are separate with great looks and stunning sound,out of the box these ooze quality. Plenty of options out there currently,but for those with a discerning ear and keen to actually receive value for money,sol republic have it nailed.

I purchased these as a replacement to the tracks v8 that were stolen. Despite the mid-range price, the sound quality absolutely screams high-end; very clear, solid bass and great depth. Individual sounds are crisp and clear and the bass gives a solid yet un-muddied thud. The sound quality far surpasses headphones in the same price bracket and often is better than those that are vastly more expensive. The styling may come across a little ostentatious, with the chunky silver earcups and bright blue headband but they are to my taste and look premium and stylish. The headband is nigh-on indestructible; as advertised you can indeed twist, turn and bend it any way you like and it just folds right back into place. Having owned two pairs of sol republics, i wouldn’t even think about buying another set from a different manufacturer; these beat out sennheisers and beats, and are far far cheaper.

I’ve had a lot of headphones over the last few years, sms street by 50 and ntune by monster and more but they have all busted within a few months. I’m very hard on my headphones as i use them at work so build quality and strength is very important to me. I don’t see any way these are going to break, they are so strong. They sound really good and the call quality with the inline mic is also very good when used with my iphone. The only weakness i could find in these is the lead connects to both headphone speakers where as on most they only connect to one side, this means they can tangle easier. The lead is also quite thin compared to some headphones although you can buy spares easily from amazon if they do break. The headand itself (the weak point of most headphones) is virtually indestructible and as such makes these awesomeoverall i’m very happy with these headphones and highly recommend them.

Crisp, clear sound, and powerful bass. Would recommend to anyone looking for a decent pair of headphones, especially fans of deadmau5 himself.

Sound quality: greatdesign: greatpracticality: i have bought this and used it just for a year now and the cables no longer work so i would not buy this if you are looking for long term use unless you replace the cables every year or so.

The sound quality is awesome and they are very comfortable on the ears.

I took a long time to decide to get these headphones and had many an in-store trial in a well known entertainment store. What i heard was more than enough to best out the higher priced and more commonly sought after beats branded headphones. These stood up to and sounded better than the solo and showed no real difference between these and the beats pro. Put simply it was the best investment for the enjoyment of music i have made. There is a very rich and strong bass tone. A very crisp higher end to match. As a music experience these are top notch and visually i really like them also. Do yourself a favour and give these a shot if you like to really feel the music.

I bought the tokidoki headphones as they were a fair bit cheaper than the generic style ones. Build quality is good, the detachable cups, cord and headband are handy for transporting but given the overall cost it seems more or a gimmick as each part on its own is a very high proportion of the cost. The styling is very eye-catching, though they’re confined to my desk at home for now. Good punchy bass and clear mids/trebles with no distortion at high hearing destroying volumes. The pads are super soft which makes for comfortable listening, even with glasses on. Sound isolation is ok, but you’d definitely be annoying someone sitting next to you on public transport if you cranked it up. The fit is okay, but limited due to the design having no added dimensions to twist around. The super soft pads seem to compensate well for this. Overall, really please with the headphones.

Amazing headphones for the price. Sound quality is superb once again for this price. Very lightweight and comfortable to wear even though after a couple of hours your ears start to sweat as they are very tight. Good isolation as well so a perfect choice if you travel a lot by tube or train. I’ve got others headphones but i use this one when i want to look good in the street and listen to rap, pop, hip pop or techno music as they deliver deep bass. Keep in mind, also, they do their best if you use an equalizer on your phone or mp3 player. If you don’t care about the style you can even find a better price for others standard v10 models. But if you get a special edition one, trust me, you will grab someone’s attention. Not to mention they’ve got a convenient interchangeable headband, detachable cordage, and an integrated microphone and remote control which make them very durable and flexible.

I can only report that my son who the headphones were for has not taken them off since receiving them, i little challenging when diner is served etc. He describes them as sick, which again i am told is a good result.

These headphones are absolutely amazing the bass is superb and the quality and strength of the headband is pretty amazing i would defiantly purchase these headphones.

Great headphones a really clear sound that lasts.

These sound and look amazing. Love these headphones and recommend them :).

This review is from : SOL Republic Special Edition Michael Phelps Anthem Headphone HD Tracks

So impressed by the sound quality these are worth every penny though after about 1 hour of wearing these murder your ears the bass output is outstanding i would say buy these if you where planning to buy beats by dre as there the same quality but you pay extra for beats due to product labelling.

This review is from : SOL Republic Special Edition Michael Phelps Anthem Headphone HD Tracks

So impressed by the sound quality these are worth every penny though after about 1 hour of wearing these murder your ears the bass output is outstanding i would say buy these if you where planning to buy beats by dre as there the same quality but you pay extra for beats due to product labelling.
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