Shure SRH440-E Professional Headphones, Fairly decent flat sound, but poor comfort.

Just my third pair of moderately priced headphones in 35 several years, i felt so amazing at eighteen donning my first set of cans many thanks to my mother and father, each pairs have been exceptional and seemingly lasted permanently so these new shure srh440 have a lot to stay up togo into a shoe shop and check out on lots of new pairs of shoes, they often truly feel stiff and uncomfortable. Locate that scarce pair that feel smooth and supple and match snugly (and don’t value an arm and a leg) and that is the pair you invest in. The srh 440 felt like that straight out of the box. Have experienced them on for hrs today, do not even see them. The top quality is right away visible. Every cd that i perform, every single mp3 track on my notebook, i can listen to new factors that were being in no way there before. I actually change the volume down, not up. The seem is richer and further and i am going to love the following several months listening to all my cd’s and mp3 tracks. I you should not like as well a great deal bass and the srh440 scores properly for me on this. On the all-crucial domestic facet the srh440 has received my wife’s approval. She says that she can’t listen to any irritating sound leaking out of the cans, she no lengthier has to place up with my tuneless ambient audio or my raucus viking orchestral metallic. And on the very same notice when i have them on i can’t hear a sound of her ‘coronation street’ soap opera on the television set and trust me that is a really significant plus factori compensated £69. fifty for these which also protected p&p.

Most effective established of headphones i’ve had for a lengthy time (i’ve experienced a lot). They are a very legitimate sounding set, not to bass oriented (which so quite a few are these times). Simply superior than my ath-m50x. With amazon prime streaming i’m hearing stuff in even old recordings that just is not there typically. Considerably less impressive with spotify but with cd a genuinely class act. Listening to almost everything from pop through steel to mahler they are just excellent.

Shure SRH440-E Professional Headphones, accurate audio across an extended range, collapsible, black

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  • Perfect for Home & Studio they reproduce audio accurately over an extended range
  • Impedance and power handling optimised for performance with professional audio devices
  • Adjustable headband and collapsible construction provide comfort and portability
  • Detachable coiled cable that locks securely into the ear cup
  • Includes threaded 1/4″ gold-plated adapter, carrying bag, and user guide

I was lately in require of closed headphones with a $a hundred finances and curious about what the current market provides. I considered i may share my results with anyone in a equivalent condition. The shure srh440 turns out to be the most accurate, neutral sounding closed cans among the eight headphone products that i have in comparison. Beneath is my critique of these headphones. I am a speaker builder with measurement machines, so i know what is neutral and undistorted audio. Unlike speaker techniques, most headphones have no crossover or frequency response correction circuit. So, it is critical to be equipped to know how much such uneven responses have an affect on notion of their sound with regard to precision and neutrality. I have superior sense of it considering the fact that i have been measuring seem. But i do not have suitable devices for headphone measurement, mostly importantly a dummy torso/head, nor am i prepared to spend time in making a diy setup. This is the rationale why my research and audition have been constrained to headphones for which measurement info exist, with some exceptions (see below).

Been applying these for a though now. They definatelty benefit from a prolonged burn in interval, but now the bass is wonderful and made without remaining in excess of bearing.

Be aware: as opposed to some assessments out there declare, there are no spare ear-pads bundled with this products. Provided this amazon item webpage also shows a independent picture of earpads, i naively anticipated to discover them in the box. The headband has just about no padding at all. This, merged with the previously mentioned average fat of the headphone helps make it very awkward on the major of my head. The ear cups have ‘ok’ comfort but get sweaty. Clamp power is reasonable – no dilemma there. Build high quality is ‘average’ for the selling price. Large and very plasticy – it tends to make creaking appears with the slightest movement. It appears decent – really balanced, but somewhat ‘boring’ and ‘dull’.

Shure SRH440-E Professional Headphones, accurate audio across an extended range, collapsible, black : I bought these back in 2010, so i’ve been using them for a while. The sound quality is very good; i cannot fault them here. ) the support is also very good: sometime during 2011 or early 2012 a small part broke and i had a warranty replacement, despite the warranty having expired, because they could not provide just the part i needed. They are quite big & bulky, so not very good for travelling with. The cushions that go over your ears are not very soft (perhaps they have hardened over time?) and as a result they are not very comfortable. I cannot use them for long at a time, and sitting through a film is quite painful, to be honest. For these reasons i am looking at alternatives.

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