KitSound Manhattan tooth Over-Ear Headphones : Husband delighted with my headphones !

Great sound, long battery life and really easy to set up.

Brilliant, easy to use, and the range is fabulous,a very good set of head phones, no complaints. The volume control is on the headset, you just press for up or down.

For wireless and cheap, these deliver a really good quality sound from my ios device. I’ve not used them for phone conversations so can’t comment on the microphone quality, but the remote buttons for volume and track changing, combined with a comfortable ear fit make these a decent purchase.

I’ve love these – i wasn’t sure how much i would use them but i love them. They are great for the commute home from work. It did take me a while to get used to them and to work out the buttons on the side. After a few times wearing them i had it.

I bought these for myself, unfortunately they were huge for my little head, so my very lucky husband is absolutely over the moon with them. He loves his music, and all i keep hearing is ‘listen to this’ the sound quality is incredible. I just wish you did a kids version, which i have had to purchase, they were half the price. (and the saying goes you get what you pay for, with an annoying voice in a weird language telling me i’m paired. However with the manhattan you switch on and off you go.

KitSound Manhattan Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones with Mic Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, Tablets and MP3 Devices – Black : Use for my ipod touch for facetime and music.

Amazing value,very easy to pair with iphone, tablet,i found these light and comfortable to wear,amazing sound,good bass,all in all,a good product well worth the money.

Crisp, decent bass, everything you’d want out of a pair of headphones for this priceblue tooth set up took me literally 7 seconds. Switch on your blue tooth on your phone, hit pairing and boom. Additional controls on the outer headphones are great too, means i can change the track, adjust the volume or even just stop the music all together without ever having to touch my phone. Read the reviews prior to purchase and still had a scepticism about converting to blue tooth wireless headphones. They arrived this morning and immedietely i fell in love. As a man who goes through headphones frequently due to wiring becoming unstable, i am extremely satisfied with these headphones. If you’re considering buying these, do it.

Brilliant reception , cosy fit , top notch:.

Headphones very reasonably priced for bluetooth and sound quality good. Available in many attractive colours.

Given they were the lower end of the price scale for wireless headphones, my expectations were not set particularly high so it was a very pleasant surprise to find these well made, sturdy (but lightweight), pairing to both my phone and tablet with no probs (not at same time, obviously;) ) and definitely purplesound quality is more than acceptable and i was surprised to discover that they work reasonably well for speech too. This is a well designed and made item that i am most happy to recommend (not in purple tho – that’s *my* colour ?.

Works well but after a bit hurts your ears.

Linked them up to my wife’s ipad mini, they play brilliantly.

Quality headphones for price. Had for ages now with no issues. Battery really good, sound awesme.

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