Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Studio Reference Headphones, DT 1770 Pro’s vs Oppo PM-3: comparison and mini-review.

I experienced the satisfaction of auditioning these new headphones at canjam in london earlier this year, and i can affirm that these are truly superb shut observe headphones. I’ve made use of dt770s as my most important studio headphones for a decade and a 50 percent, and have made use of them for my leisure listening for most of that time much too, as i am incredibly snug with their audio signature. The new dt1770s definitely felt common, but with a veil removed involving listener and music. They nonetheless seemed to have a a little ‘u’ or ‘v’ shaped signature, but with extraordinary room and clarity for a closed back established of headphones. They could perhaps be the best shut headphones i have ever listened with. The create high quality goes without the need of declaring, and beyer nevertheless appear to be to be aiming these at studio use as considerably as leisure, so every little thing is replaceable. I continue to come across the the 770s the most snug phones to use for prolonged periods when functioning, and the 1770s felt just as good, if not greater. I are unable to think about any one who works by using 770s dissatisfied with these new additions. The sound signature is various – there would be no point in creating them seem the identical.- but they will make perception if you like the beyer audio.

Introduced individuals to substitute a pair of dt48. Not as rapidly or in-depth as the dt48s but much more comfortable to use and simpler to listen to significantly extended periods.

beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Studio Reference Headphones

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  • Closed studio reference headphones for mixing, mastering, monitoring and recording, “Made in Germany”
  • 250 Ohms, 45 mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driver
  • Single-sided, detachable cable
  • Soft, replaceable ear pads and headband for long studio sessions
  • Delivery contents: 2 ear pads (velours and leatherette), 2 cable (coiled and straight, 3 m), Premium carrying case

Excellent headphones, spacious punchy bass which is crisp. If just about anything they could lack just a little bit of pleasure musicality. If not i enjoy them and definitely worthy of the acquire.

I haven’t heard senn’s 820 nonetheless but these remind me of the t70p, but just better, and a whole whole lot additional. I stupidly marketed the t70p for the t5p considering i’d get much more of the exact same. The dt1770 for me at minimum, are conclusion recreation closed backs, i own hd800s and these cans (dt1770) are not shamed at all. They have to have a dragonfly purple dac/amp as a minimum amount to thrust them to enough levels. 5” drives them with more authority than a 2013 mac pro or macbook air but continues to be album dependent. If you like the beyer home sound, look no more. My significant subjective thoughts:soundstage (for a closed again) – nine/10comfort – nine.

I will never go into terrific element in excess of the headphones as i really don’t come to feel i have an enough knowledge of terminology in the audiophile realm. I acquired a pair of oppo pm-3’s which by all accounts are a fantastic pair of headphones. I also bought the the oppo ha-2 portable amp/dac paired with my apple iphone 6s for streaming new music through tidal hifi for some good tunes listening on the go. Oppo’s pm-3’s nonetheless, fell quick when it arrived to the hefty rock/steel audio style. Bass boosting on the ha-two aided a small but i was underwhelmed thanks to the reduction of detail accross the bass and high’s. Granted, listening to tracks where the bass is the dominant factor the oppo pm-3’s will blow you away, but when listening to bands these types of as slipknot, american head demand, meshuggah and the likes [metallic style the individual drums and symbols were overwhemled by the mids that bite my ears off at high volume levels. I would have stuck with the pm-3’s had there been more kick with the bass drum but it just wasn’t there. So, i gave the dt 1770 pro’s a try and straight away the sound that i knew could be had from this type of music came alive, and thankfully without compromise to the other types of music i’d listen to such as hip-hop, drum and bass, folk, and classical. The only thing i miss from the pm-3’s is the headrumbling bass when listening to songs such as ludacris – area codes (this was my go-to comparison song of choice) but you’ll still get plenty of bass with the dt 1770 pro’s, it won’t dominate in the same way. ]

beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Studio Reference Headphones : Bought with my own cash money. Update iv — 23/2/16 — ditched the a20 as treble detail was a little bit lacking and the bass had a tendency to be slightly overwhelming (only a tad – but enough to cause brain annoyance) which i’m putting down to the power output of the amplifier as i had a similar issue with my high output tube amp. I preferred the sound signature of the dt1770’s plugged straight into my ipad but it didn’t go loud enough on some recordings and lacked some body (brilliant for modern well mastered tracks so if that’s your bag – you don’t need an amp). I’ve since switched to the oppo ha-2 which has a good clean neutral sound and with its low gain switch the bass is once again perfect and no loss of any resolution whatsoever. Keeper for defo (and no more updates). Update iii — 25/12/15 —- now paired with beyerdynamic a20 amplifier – just wow. I thought they were great without an amp and even better when paired with my fiio e12a but paired with the a20 these are sublime. Expensive but worth it (someone burgled my house xmas eve and took my sony mdr-z7 but left my beyers. Silver lining and all that). Update ii — 23/11/15 — after more research (and reading dale thorns review – who i usually agree with) i found out that these may not match well with tube amps so bought them again and paired them with my fiio e12a and these are like a different headphone. Maybe my original pair had a slight driver mismatch but the boomy bass and slightly distant mids along with a slightly higher volume in the left ear have all been rectified with this pair. I’ve been amazed that these have such powerful deep bass when its present on a recording but when the track doesn’t have any bass these stay faithful to the original recording and don’t add any extra colouring. Truly amazing and not something i have heard on any other headphone.

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