AIAIAI 06893 TMA-1 DJ Headphone : Great sound & look with couple of caveats

I use these for mastering demos when i don’t want to fire up the genelecs. Optional cables with different jacks is great. The only problem i have with these is that they feel loose on the head and i have a big head. It’s nice they won’t create pressure when wearing them for a long time, but i wouldn’t use them while doing anything that requires head movement. Even nodding djing might make them fall off.

Got these for my brother who’s into his hobby of making beats. Great solid sounding product. The build and packaging is definitely premium. As other people have said, you have to allow them about 24hours of playback before the drivers fully open up and you get the good sound.

AIAIAI 06893 TMA-1 DJ Headphone with Carhartt WIP Edition Mic –

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  • Titanium high performance drivers
  • Cable lock
  • Interchangeable earpads
  • 3 button in-line mic

Honestly, these are the best headphones i’ve ever had. Everything you could possibly want. Perfect, crisp sound with tight bass – great for monitoring or just general listening. They comfortable to wear for longer periods and the headband doesn’t tug at your hair or anything, which quite a few seem to do. The overall product design is brilliant. Aiaiai are definitely a stylish brand and these headphones demonstrate that with a very minimal and functional aesthetic.

These were recommended to me by a friend, and after watching some youtube reviews they were sold to me. They are durable, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and sound amazing. If i had to criticise them in any way, it would be the fact they don’t fold down, and the carry case doesn’t offer much protection. Also, the $5 beatport voucher isn’t a lot of money for someone who lives in the uk like myself. 90 (roughly) and when taking into account the price of music on beatport compared to another online music store like itunes it’s not much. Considering the price you pay for these i’d have thought that beatport would be more generous and provide a voucher with slightly more credit. However, i’m extremely satisfied with the product. I would recommend these to anyone who strives for exceptional sound quality in addition to dj’s.

Nice quality, dispatched in time. Fully satisfied with a good item and service. I would recommend these headphones to professionals as well as simple lovers of quality music.

AIAIAI 06893 TMA-1 DJ Headphone with Carhartt WIP Edition Mic – : Great low end and very comfortable.

Where to start; these headphones are the cleanest sounding headphone that i have used and brought for a very long time these trump my year old bose, i can’t fault the sound of these after using them for a week or so they get even better. The design is absolutely amazing, loving the different cables with the 6. 3mm jack up scale, i use these headphones connected to my amp via the 6. 3mm jack, i love the matte black finish but after a lot of in and out of the bag and ear cup off and on for the changing of cable and on and off and readjusting it does look a little bit tired but most of the marks can be wiped of with your figure because of the matte black finish but when the finish is chipped after use it doesn’t look that nice. The reason these are not 5 star due to the fact after wearing them constantly because they are so good the foam cup that has a plastic frame, the inside of that has bruised my ears on several occasions which has meant that i have had to no listen to my music for a couple of days after. Hands down better than bose, beats, sennheiser for the money. You will never want to put them down, i use them for music and films no distortion at all, even with me messing around with the bass, treble and balance there is no distortion. The smart phone cable does make the sound cut out if i have it in the wrong place but that a samsung for you.

Loved these headphones ,the clarity, style and practicality is brilliant. As a professional dj, id recommend using this product every time.

Full disclosure: i’m not an audio expert and have limited experience with headphones but i wanted a set to improve the quality of the music i listen to at work and when walking around london. These headphones look great and sound great too. My shortlist included the dre headphones and these ones but these fitted a lot better and, imho, had more clarity to the sound.

Already made a lot of gigs with the aiaiai and they are perfect. Great sound quality and very confortable.

These studio headphones do exactly what they are supposed to. Clean, undistorted, un-fiddled with sound that gives you a precise reflection of what your musics actually sounds like. Apart from the sound quality, the design and style of them is brilliant and construction very sturdy. It uses high quality cables and connections with every detail looked at and optimised. These are still comfortable after several hours of listening, and you almost forget you are wearing them. They are also not plastered in garish branding so they look clean and refined. One final point: as boring as it may be to begin with, you should follow the instructions and give them a warm up period, not driving them too hard for the first few hours. You can actually hear them change as they loosen up and give even better sound response.

I’m not going to write a novel about the specifics of this headset. All i can say is that the headset is amazing. The sound is so clear that you can hear all details in the music you’re listening to. I produce music, and these headphones is all ready my only choice when i’m mixing and composing edm. I’m also a big music fan, and this headset is perfect if you just listens to music.

Great headphones – love the minimal design of these. Great overall sound, perfect for djing.
Great headphones – love the minimal design of these. Great overall sound, perfect for djing.
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